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Expert Search Engine
Marketing Consulting
“It takes company-wide commitment and rock-solid SEO advice to see a 1,000% increase in traffic.”

Organic SEO Services

We have been providing organic SEO services since 1997. A lot has changed since then and our time in the industry has exposed us to thousands of websites, each one with its own unique set of challenges. We have worked with both small businesses with a local focus, as well as large companies like Thrifty Car Rental with large multi-national Internet marketing campaigns.

PPC Campaign Management

Pay per click (PPC) campaigns are advertising campaigns where you bid auction-style for positioning within the paid advertising section of the search results. The amount you are willing to spend for each click, along with some other factors, determines how high on the list of PPC Advertising by SEOMike advertisements your listing will appear.

Reputation Management

Reputation Management is a specialization within the field of SEO which focuses on helping a company or individual regain control of a set of results after something negative happens. Additionally, it can be put in place from a proactive approach to insulate your brand from competitors or outside sources attempting to tarnish your brand.

SEO for Website Redesign

Redesigning your website is a difficult task, and without proper guidance from an experienced SEO, your website might experience significant drops in ranking and traffic. We can help you navigate the challenges of a website redesign, including SEO friendly copy changes, code changes, URL changes, and even the selection of a content management system to make dealing with your website less difficult.

Kickstart Packages

Looking to take a bite out of your competition? Our new Kickstart packages are great for companies with small websites looking for an SEO site review. These SEO site audit packages provide one-time optimization that lay the groundwork for future success. Your site may have already earned the right to be ranked higher and receive more traffic, but it's being held back by technical problems.