1,000 WebmasterWorld Posts and Still Going Strong

Today was the day I made my 1,000th post on WebmasterWorld. I’ve been SEOMike for almost 5 years now. Others have copied my name, but none compare to my experience. Ok, enough ego talk 🙂 I’ve learned a lot over the past 1,000 posts. The first five years (97-03) of my career as an SEO are kind of blurred. It was a long time ago and I have trouble remembering specific clients (especially by real name, not site name) but I remember all the things that made SEO work back then. Almost five years ago I came to WebmasterWorld and started learning how to apply a set of Best Practices to my work. It took me from a cowboy SEO to one that is methodical yet spontaneous. It’s a strange duality… a tech geek with a list of rules, while at the same time a free-roaming wanderer looking for loop-holes and things to exploit. I’d love to give a link to my 1,000th post but I put it in the supporter’s forum where it belongs. My posts are usually not the fluff that some people put out there just to increase their post counts on the web. I try to give well researched and thought out responses to people’s questions rather than “Yeah, me too.” or junk like that. That’s not worth a tick on someone’s belt! That’s what I call “net noise.”