A wacky Google Update

Google is going through a crazy update right now. Results are all over the place. I’m looking at Google’s datacenter at and I keep clicking refresh. With nearly every refresh the results in positions two through eight are jumping all over the place. I won’t say what niche I’m looking at, but I was able to replicate the “dance” in the results for the search “car rental.” This update is crazy… sites are moving all over the place in nearly real-time. I sure hope my new sites in my niches start bubbling up soon. I am seeing the number of pages indexed in a site: search changing for the first time in a while. I keep a daily tracking sheet of all my sites that keeps track of things like number of pages indexed, cache date, PR, backlinks, number of results for a search term, etc. Some things are changing. Matt Cutts commented on it at Webmaster World asking for people to send in examples of things that are changing. No thanks. I don’t want Matt to know what industry I’m working in right now. Never a good idea to tell “The Man” where you are. I also found the wording of his post on WebmasterWorld interesting… he was asking for examples of differences between datacenters NOT about huge changes within the listings on any single datacenter. Of course he knows that the listings on one DC will be changing a lot, he’s mostly interested in if one gets out of sync with the rest. I think there’s something like 700 different Google DCs and keeping up with them has to be a pain. It’s better for Matt to have lots of people doing that work for him. Anyway, I went to a website that querys several DCs at once and all the datasets seem to match within the same B of DCs with a few exceptions. Intersting to see the results vary. For instance, there’s no substaintial difference, but a search run on the DCs in in the 72.14.*.107 seem to vary slightly. There’s a bigger difference in results on the DCs in the range of 66.249.*.107. Very interesting to watch the differences and changes.
On another note, one of my sites accidentally got on a ROS link. ROS means Run of Site. Every day the link count on Yahoo is increasing by a few hundred. Oops. I’m up to over 12k links reported in a short amount of time. I asked to be removed from the ROS. Hope it doesn’t blast my site out of Google.

I found a nice add-on for Firefox that works with version 3 beta 4. It blocks those SUPER annoying Flash ads that are all over the place which still allowing you to click “play” on the ads spot if you think the flash widget has something of value. The software still allows java scripts to run which is nice. Here’s the URL for the Firefox Flash Blocker.