AdWords Traffic Estimator Gets Better

Google has finally improved the information provided by the AdWords Traffic Estimate and Adwords Keyword tools. You can see in their blog post that they talk about the fact that they’ve improved the algorithm behind the estimates.

The change is actually pretty significant. To test I searched for “farm animal toys” which we just did some research on for a client.  (We use the Google AdWords Traffic Estimate tool for part of our phrase research.)  Less than a week ago we conducted some research to expand the list of phrases we promote for a client. One of the phrases we checked with the tool was “farm animal toys” wand it reported that there were 275 monthly searches for that phrase in Google. I checked the same phrase today and the tool reported 720 monthly searches! That is a SIGNIFICANT change especially when compared to the competition of the niche. We use a very basic ratio to represent competitiveness for phrases as an illustration for clients and the ratio was more than halved showing that the niche could be much more lucrative to peruse than we thought. (We use a very basic ratio to communicate the level of competition to our clients but we actually look at a lot of more “nerdy” stuff. The “nerdy” stuff tends to overwhelm our clients so we just go with one simple illustration)

Google updated their Traffic Estimator and Keyword Tools!
Google updated their Traffic Estimator and Keyword Tools! (click for a larger view)