Another Reckless Link Campaign

I get to talk to a lot of folks about their SEO campaigns.  Unfortunately, I often hear from them after something bad has happened.  Today I spoke with a gentleman who runs a very respectable company that sells a great product.  Unfortunately he partnered with an SEO company that has been running his rankings into the ground.  By all outward appearances the company looked legit but ended up doing what I call “big company SEO”… putting inexperienced people in charge of the most important parts of the campaign.  The bigger the company, the more clients they have.  The more clients they have, the less attention the give to the details.  The more details that are overlooked, the more it hurts their clients.  All they had to do was care enough to educate themselves.  I found the problems affecting the site within a just a few seconds.  Unfortunately, the damage the “seo” company did will take a lot of work to undo.  The guy I talked to will have to spend thousands and thousands of dollars over many months to repair what these so-called experts did.  It just goes to show that just because a company is big, doesn’t mean they know what they are doing.