Authorship Data

Last night I attended the Kansas City Search Engine Marketing Association (KCSEM) to hear Brett Tabke speak.  Brett is the founder of Pubcon and he was gracious enough to stop by KCSEM to speak about the state of SEO and what he thinks is coming in the next 12 months.  I’ve heard Brett speak before and it’s always great information.  As the founder of Pubcon, Brett has his finger on the pulse of the industry.  Time and again I’ve heard Brett and others say how important authorship markup is and that it might be the next “big thing” for a quality signal to Google – maybe even more important that links!  This time I finally decided that I really should make a bit of an effort and I decided to link my blog up with my Google+ profile for authorship data.  I think this might have slightly more impact on ranking instead of plain ol’ markup because I have a few followers on Google+.  Currently 748 people have me in circles on Google+. I didn’t realize that because I hardly ever use it.  That’s probably not a very big number, but it’s a good start for never really posting anything there.  Maybe it’s time I start to put some good info on Google+…  If you want to add me to your circle, you can so by visiting my profile on Google+.