change your google analytics settings to https

Change Analytics and Search Console to HTTPS

If you’re moving your site to https to avoid Google’s unsecure site warning, you’ll need to change your Google Analytics to https as well. Making the switch is easy. Log in to your Analytics account, click the gear or “Admin” in the bottom left of your screen and under “Administration” […]

Sneaky Referral Spammers

Sneaky spammers are pretending to be and to steal clicks and infect your computer. Here’s what to look out for.


Normalize for Seasonal Traffic

A little investigation during your site’s off-season can have a profound impact during your peak season.


Is PPC Campaign Tracking Breaking Your Links?

Test every single URL you plan to use on your PPC campaign. There’s no sense in paying for people to hit a 404 page!


Weird Data in Google Analytics Page Overlay

Google seems to be making things up in my analytics…


Google Analytics Asynchronous Tracking Code

How to effectively use the asynchronous tracking code from Google Analytics. I also discuss using multiple account ids on the same site.

slide v.2 – Coming Soon!

SEOMike will soon launch a new website.


Google Analytics Between Two URLs

Been working a lot lately trying to pass Google Analytics cookie data between URLs and have now got it figured out.