Your Data is Yours!

Don’t let an SEO company own your data because if you fire them you could lose it all!

Stupid Pop-Up Forcing Account Creation

Go ahead, break your conversion path on paid traffic. Whatev.


Another Ignorant “SEO” Company

I am so tired of companies claiming to be SEO “experts” when they lack even a basic understanding of the fundamentals.


Please don’t hire SEOs for as little as $6!!

I get junk emails like this all the time.  I’m sure you do too.  One of the most irresponsible things you can do as a website owner / administrator is to hire the cheapest person you can find to conduct your online marketing campaign.  It’s your business, your livelihood   People depend […]


Another Client Victimized By Unethical Link Building

It’s your website – you better know what the people who work for you are doing!!


Amazingly Awful Link Building

A potential client’s last SEO was a blatant spammer!


You Too Can Rank In India!

All you have to do is contract an Indian link builder!


SEOs Can’t Optimize Metas!

Choose an SEO with tons of experience or your website will look like these “pro” websites!


Companies Still Don’t Grasp Basic SEO

Being a DMOZ editor I come across all kinds of sites. I edit a couple of SEO categories and I’m surprised by how many companies just don’t get some of the basic SEO concepts.