Goodbye DMOZ

DMOZ shaped the early web. In the early days it was one of the largest directories as well as one of the most-trusted.


DMOZ Editing

SEOMike has been a DMOZ editor for years. This post contains my website review process.


Network Misconfigurations Abound

IT guys sometimes aren’t all you’d expect them to be.


IP Delivery Still Works

Black Hatters still get away with IP Delivery… and I have proof that it works!


Companies Still Don’t Grasp Basic SEO

Being a DMOZ editor I come across all kinds of sites. I edit a couple of SEO categories and I’m surprised by how many companies just don’t get some of the basic SEO concepts.


SEOMike Lands Another Category in DMOZ

The list of categories I edit grows…


Editing DMOZ Can Be Entertaining

“Please give Socki different from the current measures to me skilled by all means.”


SEOMike – The DMOZ Editor

After many years of wanting to become an editor for The Open Directory Project (DMOZ) my application has been accepted! I’m so excited! My favorite part is that I am editing a category that I have a lot of expertise in; the Internet Marketing Consulting category! I’m pretty excited that […]