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Google Does Not Want You to Leave

Google does a fantastic job of blurring the lines between what’s good for them and what’s good for the users. They’re now offering their own little app to test internet speed. It’s not as good as speedtest.net, but who cares about that anyway??

Dealing with RankBrain and Zombie Traffic

RANKBRAAIIIIIINNNNSSS!!!! Google’s RankBrain can send the zombie horde to your website. What is RankBrian? What is zombie traffic? What can you do about it? My post helps you defend against the zombie apocalypse.

Does Google Allow Paid EXCLUSION??

Does a small city in the Kansas City metro area have enough clout with Google to have themselves excluded from geo-targeted ads? It sure looks like it.

It’s quiet… too quiet.

It looks like Google has made a major change had moved to rolling updates. They’ve talked about it before, but I’ve never seen SERP flux so stable and predictable before. SEO just got harder.


Google Making Ads Less Obvious

Google seems to be playing with the idea of making Adwords ads a bit less obvious to users.  In a 2013 push for “transparency” Google added a little yellow icon next to their ads to try to distinguish them from the non-paid organic results.  Now Google is trying to make the […]


Mobile Hasn’t Quite Taken Over Yet…

Google keeps reporting on the importance of mobile traffic.  Yes, mobile search has surpassed desktop usage which is why Google’s focusing so much attention on getting websites to be mobile friendly.  That’s great, but the reality is that a lot of niches just aren’t dominated by mobile traffic.  We did a little […]


More Big Changes to Mobile Results

In early May, Google will cut a lot more websites that are not mobile friendly from the results.


Google Answering Queries Within Chrome Bar

Google is showing answers to questions you haven’t even asked yet! Looks like they’re testing answers in Chrome’s search suggest.


Most impactful Google update since Payday

January 10th saw the most significant algo update since Payday in May of 2014. How’d your site fare?


Google’s Undocumented “Around” Operator

There’s an operator in Google that’s been around for years that nobody ever really discusses.  In fact, I just learned of it recently.  It’s called the AROUND operator and is useful for finding relationships between two phrases.  In the SEO world, few things are better related than Matt Cutts and […]