Duct Tape and Band-Aids

You never can tell who you’re hiring and if they’re going to do a good job for you. Unfortunately, as with most things, if I want it done right, I have to do it myself.

Stupid Pop-Up Forcing Account Creation

Go ahead, break your conversion path on paid traffic. Whatev.


Get Your Doctype Right or Your Validation Will Be Wrong

We investigate a lot of competitors for our clients all the time.  It’s a never ending process which is growing more advanced and in-depth all the time.  Home Depot is a competitor of one of our new clients and while investigating their site I was shocked to learn that their […]


Don’t DOS Your Own Site!

While watching the Mecum Auto Auction today I saw a commercial for a company that sells classic cars at “reasonable” prices.  The commercial showed screenshots of the site and two things occurred to me: 1) The screenshots actually had decent prices, and 2) The design was pretty dated which made […]


Spyware From PPC Managers

Some PPC management companies inject spyware into their unsuspecting client’s visitors!


Is PPC Campaign Tracking Breaking Your Links?

Test every single URL you plan to use on your PPC campaign. There’s no sense in paying for people to hit a 404 page!


Starbucks Australia’s Webamatuer

Starbucks Australia’s site has broken images and links in their MAIN NAVIGATION!


Too Many Webmasters Are Webamateurs!

Why is browser ubiquity testing so often overlooked? Because most people in charge of a website do not have the technical skills to run it.


Companies Still Don’t Grasp Basic SEO

Being a DMOZ editor I come across all kinds of sites. I edit a couple of SEO categories and I’m surprised by how many companies just don’t get some of the basic SEO concepts.