Free Windows 10?

Ok, what are you up to Microsoft?  You’ve put out absolute lumps of operating systems (Vista and 8) and now you want me to just trust you and download Windows 10… for FREE?  Oh, and the free upgrade precedes the actual market release date by a full month?  (Maybe that’s […]

Windows 10? What happened to Windows 9?

Apparently I’m not the only one asking that question. The top autocomplete in Google right now for “what happened” is “what happened to windows 9”. Since Microsoft unveiled Windows 10 recently, and their current OS is Windows 8.1, it seems like a valid question. The answer to “what happened to […]


Goodbye Old Friend

Today’s the day. The End of Life for Microsoft Windows XP. The end of an era. A moment of silence while I pour one out for my beloved homie…


Create Taskbar Shortcuts in Windows 7

Creating custom shortcuts to your hard drives and directories on your Windows 7 taskbar isn’t impossible, just annoying.


Vista. An OS With a Bad View

Vista. What an poorly executed piece of software. Mr. Gates should be ashamed of himself.


ReadyBoost Hack

How to force ReadyBoost to work with an SD card.