I’m pretty excited about the new Canonical URL Tag, or as I’ve nicknamed it, the CURL-T tag. (pronounced curl-tee) If you haven’t seen it yet you can check out a good post about it at SEOmoz here: Canonical URL Tag There is a lot to this tag that I find exciting but most exciting is the fact that it will help protect against getting the search engines confused about content for different countries. There are a lot of businesses that have “unique” sites for individual countries when they really mean that they have unique PRICES for individual countries. The content on these sites is pretty much the same as every other country’s content, but has different prices and currencies. Using the CURL-T will help alleviate the duplicate content problems that the sites have. (Sidenote: I’ve always wondered how good the search engines are at translating content. Would content that is in English but duplicated in German count as duplicate content and need to use this tag?) I also like that Yahoo says that the tag is transitive, but the other engines have not commented that I can find. I’m sure I’ll have more to write on this subject as I experiment with the tag further.