Editing DMOZ Can Be Entertaining

I am enjoying being an editor of DMOZ. Since I’m editing the Internet Marketing Consultant category I get to see a lot of my competition… I mean a LOT. I’ve been through almost all of the 400+ sites that were backlogged in the category. I see all kinds of stuff on consultant’s sites, but for the most part they are all sheep. With an inclusion request the requester writes the description they’d like to see in the listing. In today’s review I saw my favorite one to date. This person submitted their site to my category which is completely in English. Their site was completely in an Asian language and of no use to my users. (There are related Asian specific categories in DMOZ where it fits better) Anyway, here’s the description this person wanted: “Please give Socki different from the current measures to me skilled by all means.” Made me smile… and move the site to an Asian category.