Fun With Google

Media creators have a long history of hiding little treasures in their creations for people to find called Easter eggs. This is especially true of computer folks. Check out Wiki’s article on Easter eggs here. Google developers are no exception to the rule. Over the years I’ve documented a few as you can find in this list, or in these directions. Google’s taken a bit of a different approach with these latest fun things because they’ve actually announced them which kind of makes them not Easter Eggs. They call them “Doodles” or something like that. Anyway, I hope you enjoy!

Clicking any of the links below will take you to the actual Easter Egg for you to enjoy yourself!

Play Solitaire with Google!

Entering the “solitaire” or “play solitaire” will bring up web game that will let you play a round of classic solitaire.

Play solitaire on Google!

Play Tic Tac Toe Against Google!

play tic tac toe against Google!

Tell Google to Flip a Coin

You can tell Google to flip a coin within the search box.

Make Google filp a coin

Tell Google to roll a die

tell google to roll a die

Play a snake game

play a snake game in google

Play Pac-Man!

That’s right! You can play Pac-Man right in your browser!

play pacman in Google!

Have Google tell you what an animal sounds like

Google moos!

Find out what kind of animal you are

Google Earth Day Quiz

There are several other things you can access via Google’s Surprise Spinner. I’ve highlighted some of the best above.

Google is always adding more fun things to do right in the search results!