Google April Fools Day Hoaxes

Here are some of my favorite Google hoaxes from April Fool’s.   Click the picture to be taken to Google’s April Fool’s day hoax page.

Google Blimp
Google Blimp Ads


A workout program for your fingers.
Google Hiring for Autocompleter
A job posting seeking someone to fill in auto-complete data in Google’s search box
Anti-drunk dialer
Voicealyzer stops you from drunk-dialing


Google Docs Motion
Google Docs Motion lets you spell words with your body


Google Gmail Motion
Google Gmail Motion lets you control Gmail through gestures


Google Cow lets you see inside
Google Cow lets you see inside the cow


Google Friendship - QUICKLY slapped with an "april fool" stamp
Google Friendship – QUICKLY slapped with an “april fool” stamp


Chrome Light Text Browser
The Chrome Light extension turns Chrome to a text-based browser

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  1. Hi Mike! Yeah, I saw the link for the Motion from within my own Gmail account! Pretty funny stuff! I didn’t even know that they did multiple hoaxes that day! Did you hoax anybody?

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