Google Audio Ads Test

Well, happy new year to all! Sickness is going around the office and a lot of people won’t be partying tonight. Christmas was great but busy. Florida, KC, Nebraska, then back to KC with my daughter, my best friend, and another friend who is doing missions work in South America! BUSY!

Something interesting has been offered by Google that we’re going to try… Google Audio Ads. I’m surprised that there is very little buzz about this topic. It was first announced in March but hardly anyone is talking about it. It’s either a flop or it’s so awesome that no-one wants to let on. Don’t get me wrong, people are talking about it, but not “normal” amount of chatter that usually surrounds a new product from the big G. People probably aren’t as interested in this because it’s conventional advertising and this won’t have any effect on how their site is positioned organically, or in PPC. Like I said, we’ll try it. A friend of mine is a big VO name and he’ll probably be our voice. I’ll let ya’ll know how it goes.