Google Update Probably Just DC Software Update

The more research I do into this Google update the more I’m convinced that it’s merely a software update for the datacenters. I’m seeing no major changes in number of results in any of my niches, I’m seeing no new cache date, I’m seeing no change in link count, and the organic results are, for the most part, unchanged. I think what we saw is a new way of caching and syncing the over 700 datacenters that Google has. It may be more than meets the eye, but it doesn’t seem like it.

Today when I was checking the number of indexed pages for on Google it said 1-10 of about 2. Strange. When I hit search again it went back to 1-10 of 10. You don’t often see Google make a mistake. Another strange observation is that the cache date of my index page now says 3/29 when it said 3/26 yesterday. It sure took a long time for my DC to get a new cache if 3/29 is the most recent cache of the page. Strange that it showed up six days late. These little curiosities reinforce that they are doing some kind of DC software update.