Google’s DCs Still Out of Sync

The latest update of Google’s algorithm is quite interesting. I’ve been seeing a lot of changes and almost everything is being updated. I’ve had sites sit stagnant for months and now everything is changing. The backlink counts reported by Google’s Webmaster Tools (WMT) have changed significantly with some of my sites seeing gains in backlink counts of over 580%. I see the link counts updated almost weekly now in WMT. The sites with the biggest improvement in link counts are having the biggest jumps in position. Duh. One thing I’m still waiting for is a visible PR update. Usually I see those near the end of an algorithm change. It’s almost like a topping off of the new index. Another thing that I find interesting is that the datacenters are STILL out of sync. I’ve been watching the latest changes since they started in July and after all this time the updated hasn’t propagated. It’s probably because some old penalties have been lifted. I’ll bet Google is doing Multi Variant Testing (MVT) with their algorithm to see which version is delivering the best results to their users.

More good news… I’m number one again for the Google search “Kansas City Internet Marketing.” I like the traffic and new opportunities that position brings.