IP Delivery Still Works

Well, it’s been a while since my last update. Things have been so busy lately and new business opportunities abound. I’ve been selected to edit a couple more categories in DMOZ which is exciting. One of my new categories is a pretty significant one and I’m quite honored to be editing it now. It’s Internet Marketing:Marketing Services. It’s a LARGE category with lots of links and tons of links pending review. I chip at it a little every day. Sooner or later I’ll have gone through 1000+ sites.

IP delivery still works
I was doing some link evaluation the other day and came across a site with some interesting links. To protect my finding I can’t mention much here, but here’s what I found: I found that in a link: search some strange sites were showing up that I thought surely wouldn’t link to the site. I looked at the live site and didn’t see the links to the other site. I checked the source code… nothing. I came with a Google useragent… nothing. I checked Google’s cache and there it was. They show up in Google’s cache but nowhere else. Also, they are hiding some links in a negative div tag. After all the strong statements and chest pounding from Google, not only does this tactic still work, it works well. I could “out” these sites, but the linkers would be the punished ones, not the linkee. I’ll figure out something else to do with this info, I’m sure. 🙂