Is Keyword Data Making a Comeback?

Google is displaying keyword info taken from Google Search Console in the organic search results. Adding prominence to keyword data is a very interesting shift for Google. Google typically does not give a lot of emphasis to keyword information because they don’t want webmasters focused on it.

Here is a screenshot showing the augmented results for “seo mike”. No, “seo mike” is not my brand name, but for some reason Google doesn’t show these stats for “SEOMike”

google displaying keyword data in search results


The link to “site performance” takes you to Search Console’s performance section and this is where the “Find out how” link takes you.

I have to wonder about the point of this little bit of data. Are they trying to bring more people into GSC? Is the new GSC not as engaging to webmasters as GWMT? Does Google really want people to be thinking about keywords again?