New Google Analytics Interface

Google is testing out a new Analytics interface.  I’m pretty disappointed in the homepage because it lacks the most important data – a snapshot of traffic!  This is a major ommission on Google’s part and I can’t quite understand why the decided to exclude this info.  You can see in the screenshots below that the old interface provides a quick look at traffic, bounce rate, time on site, completed goals, and traffic change.  I’m also not terribly thrilled with the organization of the internal report pages but that may be because I haven’t used the interface much yet.  My first impression is that the reports don’t offer the information that I want to see – maybe I can customize it, maybe not.  It seems to be a step in the WRONG direction.

Google's new Analytics interface
Google's new Analytics no longer displays traffic trends for the sites and gives their blog posts WAY too much real estate.

Google's old analytics interface
This is Google's "old" Analytics interface which offers all the information I want about all the different sites I promote.


You’ll notice in the boxes above that I’ve “static’d” my client information.  It would normally show site names and stats.   Also, check out how Google’s given primo real estate to their blog posts.  I don’t care about their blog posts and would rather see the data they left out!