Non-HTTPS Warning in Chrome Becoming More Intrusive

According to a post on Google’s Chromium blog, Google Chrome will begin to show a more aggressive “Not Secure” in July. In August of 2017 Google began sending warnings to webmasters without secure sites informing them of a change in how Google deals with non-HTTPS sites. This was a big indicator of things to come, and a large push for a secure web. Google is now taking this a step further and moving to display “Not secure” for all sites that do not use an HTTPS certificate to encrypt traffic.

google chrome not secure message

The natural progression of this is for Google to begin to depreciate organic ranking of websites that do not use HTTPS and prevent non-secured sites from participating in their AdWords advertising program. There have been no official announcements that they intend to do this, but I predict the changes being on the horizon soon. I’d expect the depreciation of ranking to come in the spring of 2019 at the latest, and exclusion from AdWords to come in the fall of 2019. But, Google is Google and they will do what they want when so you never know.