Pubcon Austin

It’s been quite a long month around here with lots going on. I attended the Pubcon Classic down in Austin in the beginning of the month, my sister came to town to visit and my daughter turned five in the middle of the month. I’ve been going so hard lately that all ideas for a blog entry escape me. I have been working on a new backup server for my office / servers. Thanks to the folks at Gigabyte I didn’t have to purchase a third party RAID controller. The mother board I bought had built in RAID support and 8 SATA ports. I’ve got all the data setup on a RAID 5 array (6 1TB drives) and I’ve got the OS loaded on RAID 1. Also, I added a new tool to the SEO Tools page. It’s not an SEO tool but a tool that will help a lot if you plan on building a system. It’s a power supply calculator. The system you build might work when idling, but crank it up to full load and it may come crashing down due to lack of power.