Pubcon New Orleans

Pubcon New Orleans is over – and it was a blast.  I had a great time attending the session and hanging out with old friends in the Big Easy.  Despite tornado warnings and torrential rains, it went off without a hitch.  The city was as I remembered it from my very first Pubcon in 2005; dirty.  I don’t think that can be helped much when you live below sea level.  You-know-what runs downhill.

I had a great turnout for my Algo Proofing session where we discussed issues important to all SEOs.  You MUST lay a proper foundation for any website in order to succeed.  You cannot depend on any great link building and social marketing tactics if you have fundamental problems with your site.  Want more info?  Download my presentation in PDF here: SEOMike Pubcon New Orleans Algo Proofing Presentation.


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  1. Mike – really enjoyed your presentation at Pubcon! Was my first SEM conference after well over a decade with Internet business, so I am long overdue. Just wanted to thank you for posting your slides!

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