RIP iPhone #1

Today is a sad day. Today is the day I dropped my iPhone on the ground. I’ve dropped it harder before, but it didn’t survive today’s fall. The screen glass is cracked and spidered. It’s pretty bad. Amazingly enough, the phone still works flawlessly. It detects every slight touch that I make over any area of the screen. Now here’s the bad part. The phone has never been eligible for the phone insurance from AT&T. I forgot all about that until today when I called to try to get the insurance on it. I was going to get the insurance today and “break” it next week. Can’t. Now I’m pretty well screwed. There are some glass and LCD replacement kits available online for about $200 but it looks like a complete and total pain in the butt to replace. Oh, and the replacement screen is non-returnable so if I can’t get it to go in, I’m out the $200 for the screen plus the $500 or so for a new phone. Man… this sucks. A word to the wise: HANG ON TO THAT SLIPPERY iPHONE!