Convert an RSS Feed Into Flat HTML

Today is my little girl’s 4th birthday.  Happy birthday sweetheart!

Today I was trying to figure out a way to embed RSS into HTML as static content. It was a total pain in the butt. I found a way to do it using a javascript but that didn’t solve my need since only a visitor would see the java-generated rss feeds. Search engines can’t parse something like that and the main reason I wanted to include an RSS feed in the HTML is to have relevant constantly changing content. I was able to find a bunch of RSS solutions for PHP but it was really hard to find something to take RSS and plug it into HTML using ASP. The method I found is great. A page on the server goes out and gets the RSS feed, reformats it into just the parts I want to display and then that page is called form another ASP page as a server side include. Works great. I got a whole page worth of fresh, nicely formatted content for just a little work. Hopefully it will be spidered correctly and indexed. Here’s the download: RSS to Static HTML using ASP. It’s a ZIP file and hopefully you can download it if you need it. Also, if you need to, you can use several copies of rss2html.asp by changing their names. I used two instances to populate a page with two different feeds. I used rss2html.asp and rss2html2.asp to fetch the RSS feeds and then called them both from the same page in the HTML.