v.2 – Coming Soon!

I took a peek at my analytics today and noticed that the site has brought some interesting visitors from around the world. People have come from: India, Algeria, Russia, Brazil, The UK, Ireland, And, of course, the US. Thanks for the visits! Keep coming back! v.2 is coming soon! I’ve got a friend designing an actual logo and a layout for the site that won’t be 100% lame like it is now. There are some fun things planned for the next version of the website. I’d like this to become a resource for information but I’m not going to reinvent the wheel, I’ll just put up information I find that I think is trustworthy and valuable. Sifting through the net-noise to find little kernels of truth can be very difficult, especially in the SEO world. Maybe you’ll find the site helpful, maybe not. If not, I’ll put up a contact method to take suggestions on how to make the site better.