SEOMike Points Out Live Index Editing

A thread at webasterworld today was talking about manipulating the search results based on capitalization of letters in the search. ie. using all lowercase, title case, or all upper case. I did some testing on my own and noticed that the results for searches on google, Google, and GOOGLE were all a little different. The search for google had a nice neat list of Google’s products. A search for Google had one result clustered on to #1 and a search for GOOGLE had a wiki article placed at #6 with the clustered result showing too. I posted about this and then emailed a couple of friends about the issue. My friend C.P. replied about 30 minutes later saying that he isn’t seeing the different results. I searched it again and sure enough, the results are now standardized. I guess the G-men are watching! I wish I would have had the presence of mind to take a screenshot at the time to show the different results. Very interesting how Google says all the time that results aren’t manually manipulated. This was a great example and I wish I had a screenshot to show you the difference. Oh well, I’ll know better next time. It makes me smile a little knowing that I probably caused someone at Google to do a little scrambling to fix this issue. v.2 is finally in the design phase. My designer friend is working on some sweet images and a site layout for me. I hate the current look of this site and can’t wait until I get a professional looking site. Some features you can expect: a SEO news section with some of the things I think are important, an RSS feed for updates from me, a section discussing best practices for what I call “website master planning”, a more indepth “tools” section and more