Submit URL to Google

I’m kind of surprised this feature exists. I stumbled across this in my twitter feed today. It was written about on SEL yesterday. If you have a URL to submit to Google, head over and search “submit URL to Google” and the box you see below will be displayed where you can add your new URL to Google’s index. I thought that there was no way it’d work very well so I tested it out on several different URLs.

submit url to google

Before I submitted the URL I checked Google’s cache to see if they’d already found my brand new blog post that was just posted. Since there wasn’t, I pasted the URL in the box and hit submit. I visited another page for about 10 seconds and then checked again. Bam. Page cached. My new blog post was cached within 15 seconds of submitting the request to Google. Awesome. We used to always use the Google Search Console fetch/render/submit tool, but this is a lot faster. Be sure you test your page first to be sure it works properly!

submit URL to google for indexing

Now people – be nice. Let’s not break this thing. Spamming is why we can’t have nice things.