Time Warner Cable Fail

Today I was trying to log into my cable account to add 30Mbps service using Google Chrome.  I got logged in and then after I got a few pages into my order I received the error message below:

Time Warner Cable Website Fail
Time Warner Cable’s Site Doesn’t Work in Chrome. (click for a larger version)


I tried clicking their “Continue with my current browser” only to be redirected to the error page.  I was annoyed that a company would spend all that time and money making their site work in Internet Explorer (which is still a bad browser) but neglect to include Google Chrome.  Anyway, then I tried logging on to the website with IE9 so I could try to retrieve my lost password. (which they lost for me in a backend transition)  The image below is what I saw in Internet Explorer – the browser for which their system has been optimized…

Time Warner Cable Website Fail
Time Warner Cable demanded I use IE – and this is how it looked. (click for a larger version)


This would have been laughable if I wasn’t so frustrated with their awful site speed, clunky design, and late-notice of an incompatible browser.  I have talked about browser testing before, and will continue to call out companies that employ web-amateurs instead of webmasters.

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  1. I agree. The problem with chrome was formally reported over a year ago to Time Warner, and they have steadfastly ignored any complaints, requests or pleas!

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