Tools for Decompressing Code

Compressed code is good for browsers and search engines.  Code compression is when all the line breaks that make it readable by humans are removed to make it parse faster for browsers and search engine robots.  Several of my clients use code compression to help their pages load faster.  Unfortunately, the clients I have that use this technique don’t allow outside HTML access.  Basically, the only code I get to see is the compressed code which makes working with it a total eye-burner.  All the pain is over though because I found a couple of tools today that decompress the code for me to make it manageable!  I found a CSS Decompressor and I found an HTML Decompressor too.  I’m thrilled!

This is what compressed CSS looks like.
This is how compressed CSS looks. It’s a total pain to diagnose.

This is what decompressed CSS looks like!
This is what the decompressor tool puts out. Much more manageable!