Wave Bye Bye to Google Wave

Google is not going to continue to support their Wave product blaming low adoption.  It’s really too bad because quite an innovative tool.  Google Wave allowed character-by-character live-typing collaboration, drag-and-drop functionality from your desktop to your browser, and even allowed you to “play back” the changes made to a document by a collaborator.  I just don’t think people get it yet.  Remotely located workers or companies with multiple offices just aren’t ready for a tool that’s straight-forward to use, relies on cloud computing, allows for document authoring among collaborators, and is free.  Google will continue to support the tool at least until the end of this year.  Maybe it’s time will come and we’ll all look back on Google’s innovation as something that was just too ahead of it’s time.  Maybe it’s a case of Google’s reputation of being “the man” that made people reluctant to offer Google access to their company files.