Weird Data in Google Analytics Page Overlay

I’ve been trying to get enhanced link attribution to work on my website but it simply won’t. The code is all correct according to Google’s implementation guide but it’s just not working. It’s very frustrating. When I find the cause I’ll let you I’ll post an update. While investigating that issue today, I noticed a different problem with Analytics. I noticed that Google Analytics is telling me that there are clicks on a link to “index.asp” from my homepage. My site is php. There isn’t a single mention in my code of anything with “asp”.  I have no idea where the heck Google is getting that. If I find out, I’ll let you all know.

Overlay showing Google thinks there are clicks going to “index.asp.”
There is no mention of anything with “asp” in the source code of the page.

One thought on “Weird Data in Google Analytics Page Overlay”

  1. I found an obscure optional setting in Analytics that lets you choose a “default page” and mine was filled in with index.asp. I think this is where the “ghost” page was coming from.

    I think I have the enhanced link attribution working too. I put the id info the unordered list tag that applied to the section, ie., “topnav”. It seems that Google is liking that better than when I’d just put link attributions on the last time the link appears in the code. Weird.

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