You Too Can Rank In India!

All you have to do is contract one of those cheap link building companies from India that send you spam emails.  I heard from a guy a little while ago who has a great baby name site that he spent a lot of money and time building.  He contracted a company to do “SEO” for him and within just a couple months he was ranking pretty well… in India.  Yep, the SEO company he partnered with must have farmed out their link building services to an Indian company that was just out to make a quick buck.  It looked like the Indian company had a large network of sites and all they did was just place a link to the client on each of their sites.  Since all the new links came from India, and the Indian links accounted for most of their link base, naturally their site ranked in India.  What’s the fix?  Well, it’s a painful one.  He has to get the site out of that network and start building real links.  The only thing is, when those Indian guys click “delete” most of the client’s link base will be gone at the same time making a huge spike in their link decay rate which will plummet their ranking.  That’s not that big of a deal since their only ranking is in India, but the problem is that it will take a long time to recover from that loss because they will have to start from less than scratch.  I wish the guy had the money for my services and I hope that if he contracts another cheap SEO company that he’ll know what to ask.