Auto Parts Site Case Study

The Client Wasn’t Happy With Their Previous SEOs

This client came to us with a history of working with two of the biggest names in the industry. The client was not happy with the canned solution they were receiving from the SEOs and their account manager’s lack of experience. The client came to us with several misconceptions that they had gleaned from their past experience working with other firms. One big misconception they had was that there was nothing to learn from our phrase research process and that they already knew the most important phrases because others had done the research before. We communicated the importance and uniqueness of our process and convinced the client that it was a worthwhile endeavor. We identified thousands of phrases with potential to drive traffic to the site that the other big-name SEOs had overlooked. The end result was that they now receive nearly four times the amount of traffic from the longer-tail phrases than they ever did from focusing on three or four high-volume phrases.

Technical Problems Aplenty

Despite the fact that they had worked with two of the biggest names in the industry in the past, technical problems plagued the website. Problems included terribly constructed coding, canonical problems, spam links, improper server responses, and more. We worked with their development staff to correct the problems and immediately saw increases in spidering activity and a deeper indexing of the site from popular search engines.

Very Competitive Niche

The client relied on two or three very high-traffic phrases to send traffic to their site. Essentially, they had all their eggs in one basket. When they came to us their main phrases had already started to slide in ranking which had a profound affect on the website’s traffic.

Declining Search Volume

Along with a decline in ranking, industry related search volume had been on the decline for a long time. The graphic below shows the decrease in industry search volume for their highest-traffic keyphrase. Data like this is what sets us apart. Had the client stayed the course of relying on three phrases for all their traffic, their site’s traffic would have continued to drop.

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Traffic is up more than 181%!

Despite the decrease in search volume shown in the graphic above, we were able to increase traffic to their website as seen in the screencapture from their analytics account below. This would not have been possible without a plan based on experience, not guesswork.

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Traffic Continues to Climb!

Since we started working with the client, they have consistently set record-high traffic marks on a monthly basis. They worked with two of the biggest names in SEO from 2004 – 2011, but it wasn’t until they engaged SEOMike that they started setting real records and had a plan for long-term success!

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