Thrifty Car Rental Case Study

SEOMike was in charge of the Internet Marketing department for a firm that was partnered with Bernstein-Rein Advertising in Kansas City to provide Internet Marketing support. Thrifty Car Rental expressed to Bernstein-Rein that they were not happy with the company that was managing their search engine optimization and Bernstein-Rein recommended our firm. Thrifty was SEOMike’s first large client and provided unparalleled opportunity for professional growth.

Weak SEO = Weak Results
Search engine saturation was low for Thrifty. They wanted to move into a more competitive position within the search engines and appear high enough to be competitive for big terms like “car rental.” Their previous SEO company had only obtained lack-luster results and proved to be a real nightmare to migrate from.

CMS = Headache
The Content Management System (CMS) Thrifty was using was a big hindrance to their search engine positioning. Prior to SEOMike’s involvement, no one had realized that the biggest problem for Thrifty was the CMS they relied on. After months of working with a programmer, the CMS back-end was customized enough to allow for good ranking for big terms like “car rental” and for Thrifty’s hundreds of franchise locations.

The Wind-up
While working with Thrifty’s programmer, we were able to adjust the CMS to allow for a lot more customization and for delivery of a search engine friendly directory structure and URLs. If Thrifty had engaged SEOMike’s services prior to selecting their CMS platform, many months of frustration and lost revenue could have been avoided.

The Pitch
This study covers a 14 month period of organic search engine optimization focused on the US market. The marketing efforts included an intense PPC campaign as well as a very comprehensive SEO campaign. Sites were optimized, links were built, press was generated, and we were setting up for great positioning.

Home Run!
While working with Thrifty, SEOMike guided the process of bringing all franchise sites under the umbrella of a single CMS, allowing for centralized application of SEO best practices, uniform branding, and good search engine spider penetration. The results after 14 months were tremendous! Thrifty went from ranking around #7 for “car rental” to dominating organic positions #1-#4 along with the first result in PPC!

The Stats:

Case Study Baseline: 10/30/2003
Phrases positioned on page one: 330
Phrases positioned in top 50 results: 53**
Total number of phrases in the top 50: 383
Percent of phrases listed on page one: 42%
Percent of phrases listed in top 50: 49%

Not a bad start I suppose. Let’s see where the SEOMike team took it:

Case Study End: 12/28/2004
Phrases positioned on page one: 476
Phrases positioned in top 50 results: 76**
Total number of phrases in the top 50: 552
Percent of phrases listed on page one: 61%
Percent of phrases listed in top 50: 71%

Home run.

** not including first page listings

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