SEOMike’s Speaking Engagements

Wordcamp Kansas City

I was honored to be asked to speak for a third time at Kansas City’s Wordcamp 2018. This year I spoke about the implications and opportunities with Google’s Mobile First Update. My session had good attendance even though it was the last one on the last day of the conference.

seomike speaking event

I had the opportunity to speak at the Kansas City Hubspot meetup about the upcoming Google Mobile First update and the many implications for marketers in all industries. I provided some insight about what webmasters should consider in a Mobile First world, discussed the different types of search results and what kind of content performs best in which results, how to write effective Title and Description tags for mobile and desktop results and things to consider for your content strategy.

SEOMike to speak at GEW Global Entrepreneur Week

I spoke at 2017’s Global Entrepreneur Week in Kansas City. This was my longest presentation ever with a full hour and a half worth of content. I spoke about fundamental optimization strategies for WordPress sites. I covered everything from plugin selection to security considerations.

SEOMike to speak at Unravelcon

I’ve been asked to present a session about Local SEO at Unravelcon this year. UnravelCon is a resource for digital marketing information where marketing professionals, students and small business owners can connect, inspire, learn and share.

SEOMike Speaks at WordPress KC

I was asked to be a part of a panel of experts to provide feedback to people on how to improve their websites. This is the second time I’ve participated in this format of event for WordPress KC and it seems to be a pretty popular session. Attendees will their sites for review ahead of time and the panel will provide as much advice as we can squeeze into the allotted time!

I was asked to speak again at one of Kansas City’s best local conferences; Wordcamp. Wordcamp provides a lot of really good content for webmasters of WordPress websites. I was happy to have two speaking sessions this year. One session was about Local SEO and how webmasters can help themselves rank better. The other topic was discussion Google Analytics Demographic information and how that data can be used to guide content creation.


I was honored to be asked to speak at another Pubcon! I gave an entirely new presentation this time; Managing Client Expectations. 20 years of experience make me a good candidate for this talk. I spoke about keeping your client engaged by asking them to participate in the SEO process by giving them tasks they can accomplish and get a sense of ownership in the process.

SEOMike Speaks about Kansas City SEO

At the 2016 KC SEMPO Cities conference I gave a presentation on understanding the demographic data available in Google Analytics and how that data can inform your SEO / SEM plans.


WordCamp KC is an annual conference with three simultaneous tracks. The three-day meetup offers a lot of fantastic information for webmasters of WordPress sites. I will be taking part in two sessions during the weekend. The first session will be focused on providing actionable SEO fundamental advice to give attendees a leg-up against their competition. In the second session, I’ll be on a panel with two others for open-call SEO site reviews. We’ll be reviewing sites on the fly and offering SEO tips and answering questions.


Vegas baby! I’m so happy to have been selected to be on a panel with some amazing SEOs speaking about the foundations of SEO. This session will bring back some of the basics that are so often overlooked. If you’re new to SEO, or if you’ve been around a while, be sure to check out this session. In addition to speaking about the fundamentals, I will also be on an organic site review panel with Bruce Clay, Christine Churchill and Scott Polk. THAT is a heavy-hitting group right there. If you’ve got a problem with your site, the chances of us NOT being able to help are very thin.

SEOMike Speaks at WordPress KC

I was asked to be a part of a panel of experts to provide feedback to people on how to improve their websites. The panel was similar to the ones I have participated in during Pubcon where we offered optimization and design advice to attendees who were brave enough to submit their site for review.


The spring Pubcon in 2015 is smaller than in years past. The regional conference is locked down to a smaller number of attendees and a smaller number of speakers. It’s a real honor to be chosen to speak at this conference because only the best of the best get to speak!


Pubcon Las Vegas 2014 was my 7th consecutive speaking engagement with the folks at Pubcon. I’m honored that the wonderful folks at Pubcon continue to ask me to participate in this outstanding conference. From what I have heard, Vegas promises to be the best Pubcon yet!


I have been asked to speak at the Kansas City Direct Marketers Association’s annual Bootcamp training. I will be speaking to about 100 marketing executives from all over the Kansas City metro area about the basics of SEO with some actionable items the attendees can use to take their website to the next level.


I was asked to present my SEO Fundamentals presentation for the members of the Kansas City Search Engine Marketing Association. The presentation was well received at Pubcon NOLA only a week prior to the KCSEM meeting, and I hope the membership finds the information useful too.


I was asked to present my Rock Solid Basics presentation on the fundamentals of SEO. There are more and more people attending Pubcon for the first time and this information in critical for new-comers. I am honored to be asked to speak at this world-class conference again!


SEOMike was selected to speak at Pubcon Las Vegas 2013. Pubcon Vegas is the largest SEO / SEM conference in the world, and only the best-of-the-best get to speak. It is a true honor to be selected to speak at this prestigious event again.


New Orleans was the location of my very first Pubcon back in 2005. It was very nice to return to the Big Easy as a speaker eight years later. At Pubcon New Orleans I had the honor to speak on a panel titled Algo Proofing which is about setting a site up for success by laying a well-focused, deeply researched, solid foundation. I was also honored with a chance to moderate and participate as a panelist in an interactive organic site review panel.


The Forum at the Middle of the Map Fest was all about bringing forward new ideas and providing space to discuss them. I was asked to participate in a panel called Innovative Business to discuss how innovation drives businesses of all sizes. If you aren’t innovating, you’re simply accepting the status quo. As a long-time business owner, and a self-trained web diagnostician, innovation runs through my blood and it was a pleasure to contribute.


Las Vegas 2012 was my first conference since Vegas 2011. The spring Pubcon was held in Hawaii and was a bit out of reach of my attendee budget. I was very excited to be asked to be a speaker at the 2012 Las Vegas Pubcon. I was honored with the chance to present in the Expert Spotlight track again with my Rock Solid SEO Fundamentals presentation. I was also on an all-star panel speaking about Display Advertising. I also moderated an organic interactive site review panel.


At the 2011 Las Vegas Pubcon I was asked to speak in an Expert Spotlight session again about the fundamentals of SEO and how to setup a site for success. I also spoke on a panel about Search and Display Advertising.


The Austin 2011 Pubcon was my first opportunity to speak at a Pubcon. Brett asked me to present my first ever Expert Spotlight session where I discussed how to lay a proper foundation for success. All too often people ignore the fundamentals of SEO and chase after whatever is new and shiny. Pubcon Austin was especially great that year because it ran during SXSW and I took the opportunity to attend a few of their events.


In 2010 the MU School of Journalism asked me to speak to their students about some fundamentals of SEO the help them better plan and write their news articles, as well as how to curate their own author reputation. This was a long time before Google introduced authorship tagging.