SEO Site Audits

Wondering if your current SEO is doing a good job? Does your site not get the same traffic it used to? Whatever the case, you’re smart to seek an expert to evaluate your site.  You need to know what’s working and what is not, and there is no better company to ask than SEOMike Consulting.

Kansas City SEO Site Audit


SEO Site Audits Are Not ‘One Size Fits All’

Time is money. Other SEO companies try to reduce overhead as much as possible and will often use software to conduct their SEO site audits. They spend about thirty seconds entering a website into their software which then performs a series of pre-programmed checks and spits out a canned report. The software they use was probably created a couple years ago and was written to work on the most websites possible, but not as thoroughly as possible. They can’t possibly check for every problem on every website. That’s where we’re different – our SEO Experts are not software programs, they are actual people with years of experience. We hand check dozens of factors that we know will impact ranking. We take the time to dig deeply into your website and diagnose what’s really going on.

Website Changes Make Your Old Optimization Obsolete

Over the years content changes and pages come and go. Content is updated, pictures are changed, and entire sections of websites are added or removed. When was the last time a real expert evaluated your SEO strategy? If nobody’s paid attention to it in a while, it’s probably obsolete and could even be causing your site harm.

The Competition Changes

Your competition is constantly trying to take as much business from you as possible. They are working to climb to and stay at the top of the search engine listings.  The longer you wait to improve and solidify your ranking, the longer it will take to get to peak performance.

Google’s Algorithm Constantly Changes

What worked three years ago doesn’t work now. Google isn’t sitting still, in fact, they made over 2,000 algorithm changes in 2015. If your optimization is out of date it could be acting like a boat anchor in the search engine listings. It’s time to shed that weight and get back on the right track.

Get An Expert Involved

We don’t use software to tell us what needs to be optimized. We won’t bombard you with an aggressive sales team, heck, we don’t even HAVE a sales team! We won’t spam you with emails because we don’t send any marketing emails. All we do is SEO and we do it well. SEOMike has nearly 20 years experience as an organic SEO expert – let us put that experience to work for you!

Real Experts. Real Results.