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Why Does AdWords Go Overbudget?

Google has never been one to do things slowly. 40,000 searches per second (3.5 billion a day) means that even they have a hard time keeping up, and it costs you money. This post explains why airline flights are oversold and why Google goes 20% over budget sometimes.


That’s Not The Only Way

I received this card in the mail from Google AdWords today. Basically the card says that there are a ton of people searching for what I sell and the only way to reach them is to pay Google for an ad. How depressing. Along with the card came a $150 […]


Vegas baby!

Pubcon is the greatest SEO conference – period. Pubcon has a comprehensive lineup of speakers over nine different tracks related to running a web business. I’ll be speaking there – come see me!


Anatomy of an Access Log

Nobody analyzes their log files. It’s a bit of an art from the “old days”. Get a leg up on your competition by learning what’s really going on when Googlebot comes!