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Google’s Mobile Usability Update To Have Big Impact

Google rarely warns of any impending algorithm update, so when they do, it’s best to pay attention.

Windows 10? What happened to Windows 9?

Apparently I’m not the only one asking that question. The top autocomplete in Google right now for “what happened” is “what happened to windows 9”. Since Microsoft unveiled Windows 10 recently, and their current OS is Windows 8.1, it seems like a valid question. The answer to “what happened to […]


Google About to Squash Non-Mobile Friendly Sites

Google is going to devalue non-mobile friendly sites and it’s happening a little more quickly than I expected.  In early February (as discussed in my earlier blog post) Google sent warnings about this change to webmasters whose sites were not mobile friendly.  They’ve been talking about mobile friendliness for a while […]