Is Keyword Data Making a Comeback?

Google is displaying keyword info taken from Google Search Console in the organic search results. Adding prominence to keyword data is a very interesting shift for Google. Google typically does not give a lot of emphasis to keyword information because they don’t want webmasters focused on it. Here is a […]

Repeating Failed Site Search Queries Could Lead to Abuse

A potential client contacted me regarding SEO work. Naturally, one of the first things I do is check out ahrefs to see how their link profile looks. If it’s full of spam links and other garbage that is holding down the site or about to crash their ranking, I fully […]

Multi-Site Unified Tracking Using Google Tag Manager

One of our new PPC clients has a pretty sizeable account with thousands of keywords and hundreds of ads. They also advertise in print using vanity URLs which complicates things a little because PPC is used to cover those URLs as well. They have a bunch of landing pages on […]

how many redirects are too many?

How Many htaccess Redirects Are Too Many?

I hear it pretty often, “Don’t add too many redirects to htaccess or you’ll slow down a site!” Whenever I hear that I say to myself “Good point – but how many are too many?!” I’ve never encountered anyone with a good answer to that question, and I know it […]

Are keywords really dead?

Keywords are dead! Keywords are irrelevant! I’m the only one with the answer!

Did that sensationalist title grab your attention? Sorry. Had to do it. You obviously fall for clickbait titles, which worked out for you this time because I’m about to lay out some reasonable commentary on the “keywords are dead” debate. Well, it’s not a debate… just sensationalism from SEOs who […]

google to warn about non secured sites

Non-HTTPS Warning in Chrome Becoming More Intrusive

According to a post on Google’s Chromium blog, Google Chrome will begin to show a more aggressive “Not Secure” in July. In August of 2017 Google began sending warnings to webmasters without secure sites informing them of a change in how Google deals with non-HTTPS sites. This was a big […]

Site Speed to Become Official Metric in Mobile Results

Google announced that they will begin to use site speed as an official metric in an upcoming update called the “Speed Update” which is focused on mobile results. This update will be released in July of 2018 and is reportedly only going to impact a small percentage of sites. If […]

Using Prefetching and Preconnects to Increase Speed

Site speed has been important for a long time, much longer than it’s been important to Google. Google got interested in 2008 or so and made site speed one of the quality indicators in their algorithm in 2010. A fast site means users get the content they want as quickly […]

Fun With Google

Media creators have a long history of hiding little treasures in their creations for people to find called Easter eggs. This is especially true of computer folks. Check out Wiki’s article on Easter eggs here. Google developers are no exception to the rule. Over the years I’ve documented a few […]

change your google analytics settings to https

Change Analytics and Search Console to HTTPS

If you’re moving your site to https to avoid Google’s unsecure site warning, you’ll need to change your Google Analytics to https as well. Making the switch is easy. Log in to your Analytics account, click the gear or “Admin” in the bottom left of your screen and under “Administration” […]