PPC Campaign Management

Pay per click (PPC) campaigns are advertising campaigns where you bid auction-style for positioning within the paid advertising section of the search results. The amount you are willing to spend for each click, along with some other factors, determines how high on the list of advertisements your listing will appear. PPC campaigns can be quite effective at gaining immediate exposure for a phrase where your website does not rank organically, but there is an ongoing cost associated with the campaign.Kansas City PPC services, Google AdWords Services

It is important to understand the return on investment you receive from your PPC campaign. We work with website analytics to establish user conversion goals and try to assign values to those goals with your guidance. If you don’t know what kind of response you receive from your PPC campaign, it can be very difficult to justify the ongoing expense.

We have seen many companies spend thousands of dollars on phrases like “shoes” and “bank” because their campaign was not setup appropriately. Bidding on single words like this will drag down your whole campaign and drain your budget so your ads don’t appear to users who might actually click your ad. It is not in Google’s best interest to prevent this because it makes them money, so they aren’t going to alert you to this kind of activity. If your company ran a PPC campaign in the past and it didn’t perform, it’s a good idea to consider trying this advertising medium again. It takes an expert to setup a campaign to attract the highest number of clicks at the lowest possible cost.

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