Reputation Management – Proactive & Reactive

Reputation Management is a specialization within the field of SEO which focuses on helping a company or individual regain control of a set of results after something negative happens. Additionally, it can be put in place from a proactive approach to insulate your brand from competitors or outside sources attempting to tarnish your brand.

Companies are susceptible to all kinds of reputation problems that could come from any number of events. One of your employees could have spoken out of line and made the news. One of your customer service representatives could have publicly flamed a customer on an online forum and had their response go viral. Your company could have accidentally caused something bad to happen in your industry. These incidents might slip from people’s mind, but the Internet never forgets. A problem caused several years ago could still plague a company and cause them to lose business. Our expertise in reputation management comes from years of experience with this type of campaign. Our first reputation management campaign was for Walmart, helping them take control of results for phrases like “Walmart ruined my town” and “Walmart sucks.”online reputation management

We conduct two types of reputation management; reactive and proactive.

Reactive reputation management campaigns are conducted after negative results pop up in the listings. We work very much like a public affairs team, focusing on pushing the negative listings off the first page of results to lessen their impact on your business’ reputation and sales. Depending on the severity of the negative results, a reactive reputation management campaign may take up to three years or more to successfully push down negative results.

Proactive reputation management campaigns focus on insulating your business against possible future negative results. A good way to think about it is reputation insurance. We work hard to ensure your brand is represented well and very dominant in the search listings to protect against large incursions of negative results. A proactive reputation management campaign decreases the length of time a reactive reputation management campaign will take if negative results do show up in the listings.

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