SEO Consulting for Website Redesign

Redesigning your website is a difficult task, and without proper guidance from an experienced SEO, your website might experience significant drops in ranking and traffic. We can help you navigate the challenges of a website redesign, including SEO friendly copy changes, code changes, URL changes, and even the selection of a content management system to make dealing with your website less difficult. We work hard to mitigate your risk of a major drop in ranking and traffic.


website redesign company, We can help with your website redesign with expert seo services!

Choosing new colors, layouts, text, and content management systems can be difficult. Switching your back-end system, changing your title tags, and adjusting your copy can negatively impact your ranking unless the process is guided by an experienced SEO. Many clients have come to us after their rankings plummeted because they improperly launched a new website. We can help guide the development of your new website to minimize your risk of a major drop in ranking and traffic.

Many web design firms claim to be experts in SEO and say that they fully understand what they are doing. We’ve seen too many websites tank in the rankings because a web design firm claimed to know what they are doing. Our experience dates back to 1997, so WE know what we are doing.

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