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Kansas City WordPress SEO Services, Kansas City WordPress SEO ExpertThe original idea behind WordPress was to bring website creation to the masses. When WordPress was launched, it was difficult for laypeople to design and launch a website. At the time, blogging was very popular and Blogger.com was probably the most popular service available. Blogger was nice, but the design was weak and the interface very limited. WordPress changed all that when they launched and provided flexibility to laypeople through an easy-to-use interface that felt familiar because it was similar to programs like Microsoft Word. WordPress was not without its problems, and it was very easy to “brick” your blog with a couple small mistakes. Today WordPress is the most popular platform for websites and remains the easiest to use for beginners.

WordPress makes it so easy to create and maintain a website that anyone can do it with a little practice. Does that mean they can create websites that are SEO friendly right out of the box? No. While WordPress does have some SEO friendliness built in, it is not completely optimized right out of the gate. That’s where we can help.

WordPress Site Speed Optimization

One of the most important considerations for ranking is how fast your site loads. Fast sites are better for users, and Google knows it. If your site loads slowly, your slow speed will be like an anchor holding back your site. If users can’t get to your site and have the page loaded in two seconds or less, they’ll likely abandon the site. That’s terrible for your ranking, and worse for your business. You won’t get any leads on a slow site. We have years of experience making WordPress sites load quickly. Many of our clients who use WordPress now have sites that load in two seconds or less. Some of them came to us with load times over 10 seconds! That’s unacceptable! If your developer or SEO can’t make your site fast, it’s time to find a new provider!

WordPress Mobile Friendliness

Does your WordPress theme work correctly on a mobile device? Have you tested it on your own device? Have you tested it on other devices as well? Online emulators don’t tell the whole story because they don’t render the pages exactly as your devices do. If your site doesn’t work well on a mobile device, it’s not going to rank well in Google’s Mobile First index. We work hard to ensure our clients’ sites are mobile friendly.

WordPress Plugin Management

Do you have more than a handful of plugins on your site? Can you update them all without crashing the site? Do you know what they all do? If your site loads slowly it could be because of plugin bloat. We can help you identify what plugins you actually need to keep and which ones were installed as “Band-aids and duct tape” to hold together your site. Let us make sense of your

WordPress Stability Evaluation

We’ve worked with some WordPress sites that were so broken that the business owners couldn’t make changes to their site without causing their page layouts to break. This was because a developer had implemented a temporary stop-gap solution and never got a chance to come back around and fix it. The ability to edit your pages in WordPress’ visual editor is important, so we spent time fixing the problem. If your site has features that don’t work properly, somebody somewhere messed up. Let us help fix it.

WordPress Hardening

Has your WordPress site ever been hacked? Did you know your site is under constant attack from “drive by” hackers looking for vulnerabilities to exploit? We can help harden your site to prevent people from hacking their way in and injecting unsavory content and malware designed to steal information from your visitors’ computers.

Expert WordPress  SEO Services

We love WordPress. In fact, we love WordPress so much our own site is built on it! Our site is fast, secure, and SEOMike is a regular speaker at Wordcamp KC and the KC WordPress Meetup group. We do all our work in house and we don’t ever send our work to foreign developers. There are no middle men in our organization.


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