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What is SEO?

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a method of making a website as friendly as possible to search engine robots so they can receive the ranking they deserve. Many websites have great potential to rank well for their target phrases but are held back by technical problems which prevent them from receiving full credit for the reputation they have established.

Is SEO Cheating?

Ethical SEO is not about gaming the system; it is about presenting a properly coded, properly structured, fast loading website with solid content that is focused on “what’s good for the user.”

How long until my site is #1?

The amount of time it takes to achieve top rankings varies. There are hundreds of factors that determine where your site will rank in relation to the other sites competing for ranking. We will work within the constraints of your budget to achieve top ranking as quickly as possible. Some of our clients have seen incredible results within the first couple weeks of implementing our recommendations, and for some clients it can take up to a year to achieve top ranking, if ever.

How much do SEO services cost?

Our SEO services are not like the services you may receive from large production-focused, templated SEO solution providers. We are a smaller boutique shop and craft each client’s campaign according to their budget, their niche’s competition level, and their target audience. One of our happiest clients came to us from one of the biggest names in the SEO industry where they received very little service. Since we started working with the client their traffic has nearly quadrupled and they are consistently setting “highest traffic day” records. We try very hard to work within the limits of your budget, but we do have a monthly minimum engagement fee. Please contact us for more information.

What is part of your ongoing SEO services?

We undertake several different ongoing SEO promotional activities each month. Our process is proprietary, but to summarize, we make sure on-site factors are as optimized as possible, we work with our clients to develop valuable content, we work to refine content management systems, and we develop new external links, among other things.

How long do I have to keep ongoing SEO efforts?

The best way to explain the impact of an immediate stop in SEO efforts is to describe a line graph based on the site’s activity. If all of a sudden the line chart shows a large reduction in activity, your ranking will likely fall. SEO in the long term not only pays for itself, but can help you expand your business.

Should I enlist a third-party link builder to augment SEO efforts?

Absolutely not. Over the years we have seen many sites fall victim to irresponsible and ignorant third-party linking services. The cheap link building services could inflict long-term damage that is quite expensive to fix.

Can’t I just buy a bunch of links to rank well?

No. Google is very sophisticated at sniffing out link exchanges and paid link placements and your site could suffer long-term penalties for engaging in that kind of activity.

Is SEO just for search engine robots?

Though the search engine robots are an important factor, our SEO efforts are not focused solely on them. We strive to attract high-quality visitors to your site and drive their engagement all the way through to conversion.

What is Black Hat SEO?

Black hat SEO is spamming focused specifically on manipulating the search engine index and any method employed which falls under this category can get your site banned by the search engines. For a more complete definition of Black Hat SEO, visit Wikipedia’s page.

My web designer / son / daughter / nephew / niece / neighbor says they can do SEO, can they?

If they are a full-time specialist with years of experience in the field, give them a try. If your web designer offers SEO as an add-on product, you should probably decline those services because it takes years of dedication and experimentation to become an expert in the field.

I’m redesigning my website. Should I retain SEO services before or after the work is complete?

The most critical time for a website is during a redesign. There are many factors that must not be ignored to be sure you don’t throw the baby out with the bathwater. Many companies have launched new websites and watched in horror as their new site tanked in rankings. Engaging an expert SEO during the redesign process is the best protection against a loss of ranking, traffic, and sales. Don’t depend on your design firm’s claims of expertise.

Another SEO tells me something different from what you say. Why?

SEOs have many opinions of what works and what does not. They are often just parroting what someone else has told them or what they read in an online forum. We conduct our own empirical tests in order to isolate ranking indicators and guide our optimization and promotion efforts. We read as many Google Patent Applications as we can get our hands on in order to stay up to date on what’s happening with the search giant. We’ve been optimizing websites since 1997 and have pretty much seen it all. It’s hard to compare to that kind of experience.

My website bounces around in ranking. Why?

Websites often bounce around on the first page of the results. In the Google results, it’s because they are testing the site in different positions to see where the users “vote” it to be the most important. For example, if your site is displayed in position #2 and receives more clicks (votes) than the site that previously held the ranking during that period (day, hour, month, etc), then your site is likely to stick in that ranking and push down the site that didn’t perform as well.

Why is my site #1 at work but #4 when I search at home?

This is because of something called personalized search and is related to the history associated with your computer in the different locations. You probably look for more things related to your industry while at work than you do at home, so Google will try to display the results they think are most relevant because of your search behavior.