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New clients come to us from other KC SEOs all the time and we hear the same story over and over; they weren’t happy with the last company, the last company had high turnover, the last company sent all the actual SEO work overseas, the last company gave them the run-around, etc., etc. Enough is enough. SEO is not magic. SEO is not a secret. SEO is difficult and requires expertise. SEO is a full-time job. SEO is a specialty, not an add-on service. All we do is SEO and PPC. We work with great designers and developers who are experts in what they do which allows us to stay focused on SEO. We deliver results where others fail. Our services include:

Organic SEO Services
Our SEO consulting services will help give your website a competitive edge in search engine rankings. We go several steps further than most other SEO consulting firms when evaluating your website. Our initial assessment of your website begins with surveying the website’s on-page ranking factors, evaluating the code that drives your site, testing for potential server configuration problems, and much more. We go beyond technical reviews and evaluate competing websites to determine how they rank, the phrases they rank for, how we can beat them, and what they are doing to engage their users so that we can ensure your website outperforms them in every way. Our monthly promotional services ensure your site stays up to date, offers compelling content, and grows in link popularity. We also work hard to ensure the traffic your site receives converts into new business through ongoing conversion optimization.

Visit our Organic SEO Services page to learn more about the services we provide.

WordPress SEO
WordPress made developing a website easy. WordPress is currently the most popular Content Management System with over 75 million websites on the platform. That’s a full 20% of the sites on the internet! All that popularity means that there are lots of themes, plugins, and widgets designed to work with WordPress, and unfortunately they don’t always get along. We’ve been working with WordPress sites for many years and know what it takes to make a site work properly and load quickly. If your site is WordPress-based, we’re the SEOs for you!

Visit our WordPress SEO Services page to learn more about the services we provide.

PPC Campaign Management
We have been managing pay per click (PPC) campaigns since the days of Overture – before Google created AdWords. We launched our first AdWords campaign within a few weeks of its introduction and have managed campaigns ever since. Whether your campaign’s budget is $1,000 per month or $160,000 per month, we have the expertise to ensure you get the most out of your advertising dollar.

Visit our PPC Campaign Management page to learn more about the services we provide.

Reputation Management
The proliferation of the Internet presents a unique challenge to business owners. A few bad reviews on a few sites can negatively impact your sales. An employee’s indiscretion, whether on the clock or not, can show up in search engines when someone researches your company name. We can help move those listings out of the public’s eye so you and your business can move on.

Visit our Reputation Management page to learn more about the services we provide.

SEO Consulting for Web Redesign
Redesigning your website is a difficult task, and without proper guidance from an experienced SEO, your website might experience significant drops in ranking and traffic. We can navigate the challenges of a website redesign, including SEO friendly copy changes, code changes, URL changes, and even the selection of a content management system to make dealing with your website less difficult. We work hard to mitigate your risk of a major drop in ranking and traffic.

Visit our SEO Consulting for Website Redesign page to learn more about the services we provide.

You can also download our SEO consulting services document for future reference.

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