siteground crawl delay

Siteground Auto-Injected Crawl Delay

Siteground injects a crawl delay into the robots.txt of every site they have on their shared servers, whether their clients like it or not!

Don’t Let Phishers Catch You

Don’t get caught by phishers. This post helps you understand a bit more about how links work and how phishers try to scam you into clicking their fake links designed to steal your info.


Mobile Hasn’t Quite Taken Over Yet…

Google keeps reporting on the importance of mobile traffic.  Yes, mobile search has surpassed desktop usage which is why Google’s focusing so much attention on getting websites to be mobile friendly.  That’s great, but the reality is that a lot of niches just aren’t dominated by mobile traffic.  We did a little […]


End of Life for Internet Explorer 8, 9 and 10

Microsoft is ending support for Internet Explorer 8, 9, and 10 on January 12th.


Google Sending Warnings About Mobile Usability

Earlier this month Google began sending warnings to webmasters with websites that don’t work well on mobile devices. Usually when Google gives a warning, something big is about to happen. In 2014 mobile overtook desktop as the most used device type to browse the web.  This has led to many sites adjusting […]


Don’t Let Retargeted Ads Ruin Christmas!

Christmas gift buying is in full-swing.  I, like many other people, do almost all my Christmas shopping online.  While that’s great for finding the perfect gift at the right price, it’s also easy to blow the surprise by getting caught up in retargeting ads, especially if you share a computer […]


Farewell Foursquare

I was a Foursquare user for a long time and checked in over 3,000 times. I loved Foursquare – it allowed you to discover new places, get special discounts, and most importantly, display your expertise via badges. You earned badges for checking in to a certain type of place multiple times, […]


Google Suggests You Ride the Loch Ness Monster

Hitch a ride on Nessy for a proper tour of Loch Ness!


AT&T Outage Largest I remember

There is a major outage on AT&T’s network today.  I can’t remember the last time there was such a large outage on such a large internet service provider.  Below is a screenshot of a map from showing the extent of the outage.  Every time I refresh the map the red […]

Stupid Pop-Up Forcing Account Creation

Go ahead, break your conversion path on paid traffic. Whatev.