Starbucks Australia’s Webamatuer

In past posts I’ve talked about how some webmasters are actually webamateurs and I found another example the other day. It’s probably been three days since I first saw this issue, and to my amazement, the errors persist. I would understand if it was some mom-and-pop shop, but we’re talking about STARBUCKS here!

I don’t know exactly why I ended up on their Australian site, but I did which is when I saw a broken image in their navigation as you see in the image below.

A broken image on Starbucks’ main navigation?! That’s inexcusable!

Then I rolled over the other nav items and found that it’s actually THREE images in their main navigation that are broken!


Now for my favorite part – the broken images are links to something – and the links are broken too!! Clicking on any of those broken images takes you to their 404 page. Here’s a snip of the code showing why the images are broken and why the links error.

The broken code. You can see that somebody forgot to fill in a image name and link up a page.

Starbucks could use a little SEOMike because it’s amateur hour over there.